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How Thieves Steal Keyless Cars? and How to Keep Your Car Safe?

The convenience of keyless entry systems in modern cars has streamlined the process of unlocking and starting vehicles. However, this convenience has also introduced new vulnerabilities that tech-savvy thieves exploit to steal cars through relay attacks and other sophisticated methods. Understanding how these thefts occur and implementing preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to high-tech car theft.

How Thieves Steal Keyless Cars:

  1. Relay Attacks: Thieves use relay devices to intercept signals between a key fob and the car. These devices can capture signals even through walls and doors, extending the range of the key fob. The intercepted signal is then transmitted to another device held near the car, allowing thieves to unlock and start the vehicle.
  2. Signal Amplification: Amplification devices can boost the weak signal emitted by the key fob. By amplifying the signal, thieves can trick the car into thinking the key fob is within close proximity, enabling access and ignition.
  3. Signal Jamming: Thieves may use signal jammers to disrupt the communication between the key fob and the car, preventing the owner from locking the vehicle. When the owner walks away assuming the car is locked, thieves can easily access it.

Preventive Measures to Protect Your Keyless Car:

  1. Use Signal Blocker Bags/Cases: When at home or not actively using the key fob, store it in a signal blocker bag or case. These accessories create a Faraday cage effect, blocking signals and preventing relay attacks. They effectively isolate the key fob from potential thieves. Check our selection of premium signal blocker bags here
  2. Activate Additional Security Features: Some cars come with additional security settings. Utilize features like PIN code protection or manual deactivation of the keyless entry system to enhance security.
  3. Physical Barriers and Deterrents: Use steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, or parking in well-lit areas with surveillance cameras to deter thieves physically. Visible deterrents can discourage theft attempts.
  4. Keep Key Fob Secure: When not in use, keep the key fob in a secure place within your home, away from doors or windows. This reduces the chances of signal interception by thieves.
  5. Install Tracking Devices: Consider installing GPS tracking devices in your car. If theft occurs, these devices can aid in locating and recovering the vehicle quickly.
  6. Upgrade Car Security: Consult with your car manufacturer or a professional installer to explore options for upgrading your car’s security system. This may include installing aftermarket security solutions to enhance protection.


High-tech car theft methods targeting keyless entry systems require proactive measures to mitigate risks. Implementing a combination of preventive measures, such as utilizing signal blocker bags/cases, activating additional security features, and employing physical deterrents, significantly reduces the vulnerability of keyless cars to theft. By staying informed and taking these precautions, car owners can significantly enhance the security of their vehicles and protect against evolving high-tech theft techniques.

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