Product description

Our shielding bag can guard your privacy and avoid information leakage, hacking, tracking and it’s suitable for using at home, office, airplane. Also, it’s perfect for holding most phones

Material inside completely blocks the signal from your car key fob. This prevents thieves from getting a hold of your key fob signal shielding against break ins and keyless ignition theft.

It can accommodate anything you need to protect, including mobile phones, smart watches, garage remotes, hotel or building access key cards, key fobs, bank cards, thumb drives or any other devices with wireless signal technology.

Product highlights



High Quality

Armors signal blocking bags are made of Nylon Fabric that can bring you wonderful texture and a high-class appearance.

2-Pocket Design

Our signal blocker bag come with two pockets,  inner silver layer blocks signals, outer fabric layer can be used as a normal case. 


Reduce your exposure to cellular phone radiation and protect your car, phone and banks cards from being hacked, tracked, and cloned.



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