Signal Blocker Bags: Safeguarding Vehicles Against Modern Car Theft Techniques

In an era where car theft methods have evolved alongside technological advancements, signal blocker bags have emerged as a pivotal tool in thwarting high-tech theft techniques. These innovative accessories, often known as Faraday bags, play a crucial role in protecting vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems from relay attacks and unauthorized access. Understanding how these bags function and their role in preventing car theft sheds light on their importance in ensuring automotive security.

How Signal Blocker Bags Prevent Car Theft:

Signal blocker bags operate on the principle of electromagnetic shielding, akin to Faraday cages. They are crafted using specialized materials that block or attenuate electromagnetic fields, preventing wireless signals from reaching key fobs or transponders inside the bag. Here’s how they prevent car theft:

  1. Blocking Keyless Entry Signals: Many modern vehicles utilize keyless entry systems that emit radio frequency signals. Thieves use relay devices to intercept and amplify these signals, tricking the vehicle into unlocking and starting without the physical key fob. Signal blocker bags, when used to store key fobs, effectively block these signals, rendering them inaccessible to potential thieves.
  2. Creating an Enclosed Signal-Free Space: Once placed inside a signal blocker bag, the key fob is enveloped in a shielded space, blocking incoming and outgoing electromagnetic signals. This prevents thieves from intercepting, boosting, or relaying the signals required to access the vehicle.
  3. Maintaining Signal Isolation: The bag’s design, comprising multiple layers of conductive material, ensures that signals cannot escape or be intercepted, creating a Faraday cage effect. Properly sealed seams and closure mechanisms further enhance the bag’s effectiveness in isolating signals.

Role in Preventing Car Theft:

Signal blocker bags serve as a proactive defense against relay attacks, a prevalent method used by car thieves to exploit keyless entry systems. By storing key fobs inside these bags when not in use, vehicle owners can mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to their cars. The bags act as a reliable barrier, thwarting attempts by criminals to remotely access and start vehicles without physical access to the key fob.

Additional Car Security Measures:

While signal blocker bags are an effective countermeasure, combining their use with other security practices further fortifies protection against car theft:

  1. Physical Security Devices: Utilize steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, or additional physical deterrents to discourage thieves from attempting to steal the vehicle.
  2. Park in Secure Locations: Park in well-lit areas or secure garages to minimize the risk of theft, especially for vehicles vulnerable to relay attacks.
  3. Activate Manual Key Locks: Some key fobs allow manual deactivation of the keyless entry system. Utilize this feature when the vehicle is parked for extended periods.


Signal blocker bags are a crucial defense against modern car theft techniques targeting keyless entry systems. Their ability to block electromagnetic signals ensures that key fobs remain isolated and inaccessible to potential thieves. When used in conjunction with other security measures, these bags provide a proactive approach to safeguarding vehicles, preserving the peace of mind of car owners against the evolving landscape of automotive theft tactics. Check our selection of premium signal blocker bags here

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